Our Company

The time for change has come, and Philly Entertainment Network offers a new approach to an old practice, a new model of what a radio Entertainment company should be.

As your supplier of programming content, Philly Entertainment Network will produce, acquire, distribute, and market custom audio content and radio program solutions through the Internet, Portable Protocol, and traditional avenues of broadcasting for Terrestrial Radio, HD Broadcast, Satellite Broadcast, and personal handheld devices.

The concept is simple, yet unique. As content innovators, Philly Entertainment Network has developed and established a sophisticated network delivery system combined with proprietary software engines to deliver custom audio content instantly on an industrial scale or to dedicated single individual users. Audio content can be accessed and delivered to broadcast station subscribers, network members, and site visitors. This strategy will allow Philly Entertainment Network to have a unique marketing capacity with both new and established programming for our customers as well as provide a testing ground for in-house projects.

Our goal is to be a strong, yet stable, independent entertainment company – a true industry leader – by offering products that meet and exceed the industry standard and put its competitors at a disadvantage. Philly Entertainment Network will also distinguish itself from other radio Entertainment companies through its innovative business practices, and by employing veteran radio professionals (on-air personalities, production personnel, account managers, programming executives) who have been affected by the downsizing by radio-at-large.

Mission Statement

To distribute quality radio programming showcasing different formats, while utilizing seasoned announcers who communicate in a unique style, and share their knowledge of music during the various presentations.

Our Technology, Music, Storage, and Website Providers

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Philly Entertainment Network is proud to have StreamGuys as our streaming media provider. StreamGuys provides streaming for both a Content Delivery Network and streaming services to distribute audio and video signals via the internet. Their network is engineered specifically for the purpose of supporting high volume audio and video streams. StreamGuys works with real, live people – the same people, day in and day out, who are familiar with their customers, their unique needs, and their work habits. StreamGuys works as a part of their customers’ media organization – like an extended IT department, with dedicated people, providing around the clock management and support for content delivery; and, of course, all the best streaming servers and premium networking comes along with that.


Philly Entertainment Network is using the Egnyte Cloud File Server, an online storage solution for storing business files of any size or type in secure, permission-based folders. Egnyte, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, is a multicultural and multi-disciplined company, with each person bringing fresh ideas and unique perspectives to a culture that prioritizes innovation and quality. With the addition of breakthrough Local Cloud technology, Egnyte enables fast local file access and offline access. Egnyte supports customers from a wide variety of industries across the U.S. Canada, Europe, and Asia, with data centers on the east and west coasts of the United States and in Western Europe.


Philly Entertainment Network is proud to partner with jācapps (rhymes with “make apps”). The smartphone revolution has changed everything, including your relationships with your client, customers, and your staff. A mobile application will help you make and maintain the connection you need. Interact instantly and provide the content and tools to drive your business. jācapps doesn't just write code, they design and build your mobile strategy. From concept and design through development and marketing, jācapps turns intuitive ideas into remarkable apps. There is but one goal: to elevate your brand and to successfully integrate it into the dynamic mobile space. Their flexible platform makes it easy to create unique apps for any business. Whether you’re a radio station looking to engage your audience and offer your stream on the mobile platform, or a business in need of a complex, custom solution, jācapps has a scalable solution for you. jācapps makes it cost-effective for almost any business to get their product onto the mobile devices of millions of consumers.

Wisdek Corp.

Philly Entertainment Network is proud to be partnering with Wisdek Corp., a full-service search engine marketing company. Wisdek Corp. is dedicated to understanding its customers' businesses, identifying the appropriate online marketing strategies, and implementing the right, customized solution. Since 1998, Wisdek Corp. has grown from a pioneer in a non-existent industry to a multinational corporation, serving over 10,000 clients, managing over 180 million dollars in advertising expenditures, and delivering cost-effective and high-performance solutions to its clients. Wisdek Corp.'s highly trained personnel possess a superior level of expertise in software engineering, keyword research, and performance-oriented online marketing.

Rick Goetz Consulting LLC

Philly Entertainment Network is proud to be working with Rick Goetz, an entertainment and technology consultant with deep roots in the music industry. His career in entertainment began as a musician, and it later led him to senior roles at Lava/Atlantic, Elektra, and EMI records. Since founding his own company, Goetz has handled a variety of tasks, ranging from being responsible for licensing and clearing music for Trusonic/Fluid Media (the company that would later purchase Musak) to major marketing campaigns for a wide range of artists, from the young and aspiring, to multi-platinum international artists like Sarah Brightman.

Constant Contact®, Inc.

Philly Entertainment Network has retained the services of Constant Contact®, Inc., the company with a proven track record to get communications in the inbox. Constant Contact® 's leading email marketing, online survey, and event marketing tools—supported by its expert personal coaching and support—help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys. More than 500,000 customers worldwide trust Constant Contact® to help them connect with their audience. Plus, they benefit from Constant Contact®'s high email deliverability rates (97%—verified by the independent research firm Return Path) due to strong partnerships with ISPs, a no-tolerance spam policy, and a leadership role in organizations such as the ESPC (Email Sender and Provider Coalition).

Aplus Website Hosting Solutions

Philly Entertainment Network has retained Aplus to host our website. Aplus provides quality, affordable hosting solutions for businesses online, from domain name registration to every type of web hosting and design, marketing and online advertising services, as well as search engine optimization and ecommerce to clients worldwide. Aplus is committed to its customers by adding a more personal touch and by doing their best to review every customers thoughts or opinions on services and support.

TM Studios, Inc.

Philly Entertainment Network receives music service from TM Studios, which creates, produces, and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast media use. TM Studios’ clients include radio and television stations, satellite and Internet networks, websites, the Armed Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses. TM Studios’ products are broadcast on every continent on the planet. Company product lines include music compilation libraries and services, production music, commercial jingles, radio and TV station imaging packages, morning show prep, and comedy services, along with numerous online imaging products. TM Studios is proud of its relationship with Philly Entertainment Network.

Gotham Distributing Corporation

Philly Entertainment Network receives albums from Gotham Distributing Corporation, one of the world’s largest home entertainment product distribution companies providing fulfillment solutions for retail and e-commerce entertainment retailers. Gotham Distributing offers an extensive product inventory (including CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, videos, DVDs, and books) of over 300,000 items. Their SKU base is constantly emerging, incorporating niche products, as well as emerging genres and formats.

Collectables Records Corporation

Philly Entertainment Network receives oldies music from Collectables Records Corporation, the largest independently-owned reissue record label in the United States, with a catalog of over 3,000 exclusive titles, many of which have never been available before on compact disc, and thousands more available on vinyl.