Our Programming – “One Stop Shopping…We Have It All"

We are a syndicated show supermarket, and will tailor shows to fit our clients’ needs, no matter what the musical taste desired. Jazz, Latin, Gospel, Oldies, Caribbean, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary, and Mainstream R&B are on our shelves. We want to recapture "lost" audiences by giving them what they expect whenever they turn on the radio – music and associated information brought to them by personable and knowledgeable professionals. These Presentation Artists are award-winning, experienced personalities. Well known for their creativity, they feature well-designed, interesting, music-driven shows. Our emphasis is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, which is carefully chosen and played to create an ambiance that is appreciated by those listening and, therefore, holds their attention.

Our presentation artists and programming will be promoted through our social networking websites, which will establish Philly Entertainment Network as a market force in the major urban centers across the country. We offer consumers of digital satellite, Internet e-commerce, and terrestrial radio and HD markets the opportunity to obtain high-quality, professionally-performed, expertly-produced, efficiently-distributed radio programming of many genres.

Everything that radio needs is in our supermarket warehouse, including special programming, features, and more. We can provide shows for daily and/or weekend slots.

PEN Production Package

PEN is proud to have assembled a very special group of very talented Production Specialists who represent the BEST that radio has to offer. Our Production Specialists (Philadelphia: Jerry Wells and Double D, Atlanta: Al B. Love!, Washington, D.C.: Vanniece McNeil, Leigh Hamilton, Orlando:Jim Grant and Eric Davis, Dallas: Venos Ford, Memphis: Mike Jeffries, Richmond: Aaron Maxwell) do it all, including dynamic voiceovers, creative scripting, innovative jingles, and high-quality sound production. These services are available to those who are concerned with QUALITY and EFFECTIVE broadcasting.

Features and Benefits

  • — Supplies programming content for digital Satellite, Internet
         e-Commerce, and Terrestrial and HD radio markets,
         and Personal Handheld Devices.
  • — Shows tailored to fit client’s needs
  • — Programming all genres: Jazz, Latin, Gospel, Hot AC, Oldies,
         Caribbean, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary, Mainstream R&B, Pop,
  • — Hosts are engaging and knowledgeable radio veterans
  • — Daily, weekend, and specialty music-driven shows
  • — Hosts available for appearances
  • — Complete Apps services for cell phones, airlines, automobiles.
  • — Utilizes social networking websites
  • — Quality in-house production
  • — Creative scripting
  • — Dynamic voiceovers
  • — Innovative jingles
  • — Highly-skilled management team
  • — Provides sponsors
  • — One-stop shopping